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Flower Bed Edging & Redefining


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Flower bed edging and redefining is an excellent way to take your lawn from mediocre to truly luxurious. Expert edging is a thing of beauty, but you need to do it properly. Sloppy edging looks silly, which is why it is important to have the experts at Davidson’s Lawn Care in Christiansburg, VA in your corner.

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Benefits of Edging Your Flower Beds

Your garden beds look better with edging. Proper edges look neat and segment your yard into logical areas. They can also box in invasive plants, preventing them from spilling out into other areas.

You can also segment your flower beds by variety and color, making your yard an appealing tapestry of blooms. Flower bed edging and redefining makes your space look beautiful; it is functional and will make maintaining your property easier.

Steps We Take to Properly Edge or Redefine Flower Beds

For at-home flower bed edging and redefining, you need the proper tools. A half-moon edger is a necessary implement and will give your garden beds clean lines that look crisp and professional.

A sharp-edged bed edger is a great tool to get into tight corners and do meticulous, detail-oriented work with precision. If you want to have expert results, have both a half-moon and bed edger in your toolkit.

Safety first! Ensure that your beds won’t be interfering with any underground lines. Slicing into power lines can interrupt service or cause significant hazards.

Once you have the all-clear, use spray paint to mark your new flower or garden bed’s edges and follow the line with the tool of your choice. Once completed, clear off any remaining dirt and line your edge with rocks, flower pots, or other materials to mark it from the rest of the lawn.

You can use your edger on both flower bed and garden beds, and even use a shovel if you don’t have a more professional tool. Beds edged with a shovel will generally be less precise. For mulch beds, moisten the soil without drenching it, and then proceed as you would for other kinds of beds.

Flower Bed Edging Mistakes to Avoid

Flower bed edging and redefining is an art, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Increase your chances of success by keeping an eye out for these common errors.

Don’t set up obstacles that will make mowing the lawn difficult. Make sure that the lanes between your flower beds are big enough for your mower to go through. You can avoid this mistake by planning out your beds in advance. Once you have the flower beds edged to your liking, our professionals at Davidson’s Lawn Care can help maintain your beautiful lawn!

If your edging begins to look cheap or worn after being exposed to the elements, don’t fret. We can replace it with a material that has more extended staying power, like flower pots or rocks.

Why Hire Davidson’s Lawn Care

At Davidson’s Lawn Care, we know that flower bed edging and redefining can transform your lawn. We specialize in personalized lawn solutions in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Riner, Floyd, and Radford. For all of your flower bed edging, mulching, rock installation, planting, and weed eating needs, you need to call Davidson’s Lawn Care, a family business!

For more information, see our customer reviews or read more about us here!

Transform your lawn with Davidson’s Lawn Care. We pride ourselves in providing top quality services at competitive prices and will take good care of you and your valuable lawn. For all of your flower bed edging and redefining needs in Christiansburg, VA, call us at 540-449-9349 or contact us here.

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