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Hedge Trimming


Christiansburg’s Choice for Hedge Trimming Services

Professional Hedge Trimming

A reliable and trusted landscaper can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis. Choose a professional hedge trimming service you can count on, like Davidson’s Lawn Care.
We offer a variety of landscaping services in the Christiansburg, VA area with the experience you need for a well-maintained lawn. You don’t want unsightly, overgrown, or tall hedges taking over your landscape. Your hedges should complement your space instead of overwhelming it.
Davidson’s knows how to handle all your hedge trimming needs, no matter what types of hedges you have in your lawn.
Read our customer reviews to find out how we’ve helped your friends and neighbors with their hedge trimming needs.

Importance of Hedge Trimming

Hedges and shrubs add beauty and texture to your landscape and are an interesting feature for any home or business. To keep them looking their best, hedges must be trimmed regularly. But the reasons for hedge trimming don’t stop at aesthetics.
Here are some more reasons to trim your hedges:

  • Increase plant quality
  • Foster new growth
  • Decrease overcrowding
  • Remove diseased limbs or limbs infected with insects
  • Remove suckers and water sprouts

The professionals at Davidson’s Lawn Care have the proper pruning tools to create visually pleasing straight lines on the tops and sides of your hedge plants, and they also know when to prune them.

When to Prune Your Hedges and Shrubs

You might think early spring is the perfect time for shrub trimming, but it’s best to prune your hedges during the winter. That’s when your shrubs are dormant and have no leaves, so it’s easy for your professional landscapers to see where to trim and how much to cut.
For hedges and shrubs that flower but don’t lose their leaves, the best time to trim is after the blooms fade in the spring. When pruning, always use clean blades so you don’t spread any diseases from shrub to shrub.
To prune an overgrown hedge, start by cutting away damaged branches with pruning shears or a lopper. To prevent lopsided cuts, professionals use stakes and string to trim hedges levelly. The goal is to trim it down to a manageable size and make straight cuts, leaving no jagged edges.
If you have any questions about when to prune your shrubs and hedges, it’s time to call the professionals.

How Much Does It Cost to Trim Hedges?

The cost to trim your hedges depends on how many hedges you have and how much trimming they need. Fortunately, Davidson’s Lawn Care offers a free estimate so you know exactly how much your job costs before we start.

Why Choose Davidson’s Lawn Care for Professional Hedge Trimming Services?

Our teams have the knowledge and experience to trim your hedges to perfection. Whether you need hedge trimming for your home or business, we are here for your landscaping needs. We offer hedge trimming and other landscaping services like shrub and leaf removal.
Davidson’s Lawn Care is a family-owned business, and we care about our community and our customers. We serve the Christiansburg, VA area and look forward to giving you a reasonable price for our hedge trimming services. Contact us online here or call us for your free estimate at 540-449-9349 today!

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