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Mulch Installation


#1 Mulch Installation Services in Christiansburg

Professional Mulch Installation Services

At Davidson’s Lawn Care, we offer professional mulch installation as one of our many landscaping services. Mulch installation involves placing inorganic or organic material in your garden beds and around plants to enhance your landscape’s appearance and health. We supply and deliver a wide range of mulch types – call us today.

Benefits of Professional Mulch Installation

Many homeowners prefer to install mulch themselves. However, by hiring our professional team, you ensure that you derive optimal benefits from the process.

The most prominent benefit of placing a layer or inorganic or organic mulch around your plants is that it allows the soil to retain moisture, increasing the plants’ root water supply. During the rainy season, mulching also prevents weed growth. It is an effective and affordable weed control measure, as it blocks the light that weed seeds need to germinate.

A layer of mulch protects your soil from erosion by preventing rain and wind from displacing the top layers. Additionally, the material prevents the wind and rain from washing valuable nutrients away, promoting plant growth.

Curb appeal is another benefit of a professional mulch installation. Mulch layers give garden beds and other landscape elements a uniform and clean appearance that is free from weeds.

How to Pick the Right Mulch

The various types of mulch fall into two categories, namely organic and inorganic. Organic mulch, such as wood chips or pine bark, consists of plant matter that will decompose over time. Inorganic mulch, such as rubber chips, do not decay, and they do not add to the soil’s nutrient content.

Popular organic mulch types include:

  • Pine bark nuggets
  • Playground mulch
  • Red oak bark
  • Hardwood mulch chips
  • Premium bark

Inorganic mulch options include:

  • Pulverized rubber
  • Stone
  • Lava rock
  • Landscape fabrics

Before mulch delivery, we will help you pick the right materials for your landscaping needs. Contact us to learn more about our selection.

Mulch Installation Process

At Davidson’s Lawn Care, we follow a specific mulch installation process to provide our customers with optimal value.

We start the process with an initial consultation to learn more about your requirements and your landscaping objectives. We will then recommend suitable mulch types to meet your needs. For example, if you have a water-intensive garden, we recommend mulch types that retain soil moisture.

After you select a mulch texture and color, we will measure the areas you want to cover in square feet to determine your quote. If you approve, we will schedule the delivery, come to your home, and layer the mulching over the applicable areas, using a specific technique to promote your landscape’s health.

People Also Ask

How Do You Set Up Mulch?

Traditional mulching methods involve laying down the mulch on the soil and spreading it out with a shovel or a rake. If the soil is difficult to access, on a steep slope, or covers a large area, using a blower is a more effective method to set up mulch and spread it evenly across the soil.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Mulch Blown In?

The price of mulch blowing varies directly based on the size of the area. We charge per cubic yard, and our prices include materials, labor, and installation. We will provide you with upfront pricing before starting the installation.

Can You Lay New Mulch Over Old Mulch?

Organic mulch continues to release nutrients into the soil, and it is not necessary to remove it before adding a new layer. If the old mulch doesn’t have a fungal disease, you can cultivate it to allow rainwater into the soil.

How Do I Get Rid of Mulch in My Yard?

The easiest way to remove mulch is to rake it into a pile and scoop it up using a flat shovel.

Choose Davidson’s Lawn Care

At Davidson’s Lawn Care, we offer mulch installation services in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Floyd, Radford, and Riner. Our professional mulching solutions allow you to make informed decisions regarding the various mulch types and replenish times. We apply mulch to every square inch of your garden beds, ensuring optimal moisture and nutrient retention.

We also offer other lawn care services, including planting, rock installation, and leaf removal.

If you are looking to improve your landscaping, a mulching installation is the ideal starting point. Contact Davidson’s Lawn Care at 540-449-9349 or contact us here to schedule an initial consultation and receive a free quote. Check out our customer reviews!

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