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Rock Installation


Enhancing Lawns with Rock Installation in Christiansburg, VA

Professional Rock Installation Services

Hardscape features such as river rock, gravel, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, pavers, and drain rock are functional and aesthetic additions to any residential or commercial landscape. If you want to transform your exterior with durable, maintenance-free landscape materials, you need a professional rock installation service from Davidson’s Lawn Care.


We offer professional rock installation as landscape features. Call us today!

Landscaping with Rocks

Rock is a highly functional hardscape material that can add exceptional aesthetic value and visual balance to a landscape. You can use stone for the following landscaping applications:

  • Surface material for patios, walkways, and driveways
  • Garden bed anchoring
  • Stone walls to establish property boundaries and line driveway borders
  • Retainer walls to prevent soil erosion
  • Landscape steps to allow for easy access across inclines
  • Rock fountains or water gardens
  • Stone walkways or garden paths

Some of these features have high structural requirements, and it is critical to use the correct rock type and support components. For example, if you want to use round rocks for the construction of a garden wall, mortar may be necessary to ensure stability.

In some cases, you may also want to use rocks such as limestone that vary in size and shape to prevent monotony. You can combine cobblestone with plant materials such as creeping thyme or moss for added visual interest.

People Also Ask

How Much Does It Cost to Install Landscaping Rock?

The cost to install landscaping rock depends on various factors, including the type and weight of the stones you want to install. For example, decomposed granite costs up to $50 per ton, and Mexican beach pebbles cost up to $1,000 per ton. Other cost items include labor and delivery.

How Do You Lay Rocks Against Your House?

Start by removing all weeds and unwanted turfgrass from the area where you want to install the rocks or spray the foliage with a nonselective herbicide. Then, level the soil surface in the area before laying the landscape fabric sections against the house and secure them using fasteners or pins. After placing the landscape fabric, spread the rocks over the area.

How Deep Should a Rock Garden Be?

The depth of your rock garden depends on the size of the individual rocks. For example, if you have a 3/4-inch river rock, a depth of 2 inches should be sufficient. Remember to place landscape fabric underneath the stones to prevent them from mixing with the soil.

Benefits of Rock Installations

There are several benefits to rock installation as landscaping material. Most significantly, rock is durable and requires minimal maintenance. The rock features you install today will last for years, even with full exposure to the sun’s UV rays, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

Unlike plants, rock features maintain their aesthetic value throughout the year. You can also combine them with various landscape elements, including plants, foliage, and water features such as fountains and ponds. Rocks have natural textures and colors, and they maintain a unique, tranquil presence in a landscape.

Landscaping rocks are generally affordable. You will never have to replace, replenish, or repair your rock features, making them more affordable over the long run than pools, plants, and other landscape features. Pea gravel and crush gravel are among the cheapest rock types that you can add to your garden.

Why Choose Davidson’s Lawn Care?

When planning a rock installation, it is critical to work with a reputable landscaper who can provide you with all the information you need to make the right decisions. At Davidson’s Lawn Care, we will survey your landscape and consider your needs and budget to recommend the ideal custom stone additions.

Our team has extensive experience with the construction of rock features such as retainer walls, walkways, and driveways. We can carry out complex projects such as stone wall construction to ensure optimal stability, functionality, and curb appeal. Additionally, we can recommend the best landscape materials to combine with water features, plants, or heavy traffic.

We provide landscaping rock installation services to property owners in Christiansburg, VA, and surrounding areas, including Blacksburg, Floyd, Radford, and Riner. In addition to rock installations, we also offer other landscaping services and pressure washing solutions to improve the landscape of your home or business. Check out our customer reviews!

If you want to improve your landscaping, a rock installation is an ideal solution. Call Davidson’s Lawn Care at 540-449-9349 or contact us here to schedule an initial consultation and select the rock features you want to install.

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